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produziert von
Andreas Fitza
  • A. Fitza
  • C. Schuster
  • M. Klein
  • J. Zombic
  • C. Schulte
entstanden im
Sommer 11 || 11. Fachsemester
betreut von
Prof. Egon Bunne
Veröffentlichung: Fachartikel in der FKT 10/12 Konferenzen: Fachtagung der Fernseh- und Kinotechnischen Gesellschaft – Wiesbaden 22.05.2012 Audio Engineering Society Convention – AES 133 – Engineering Briefs -San Francisco 28.10.2012 AES 133 – Students Design Competition – Gold Award

The Sync-AV workflow eases the sorting and synchronization of video and audio footage without the needs of expensive special hardware. It supports the preproduction and the shooting as well as the post-production. It consists of three elements:

A script-information- and metadata-gathering iOS app that is synchronized with a server-back-end. It can be used on different devices at once to exchange information onset. A server database with a web-front-end that can sort files by their metadata and show dailies as well. It can also be used to distribute and manage information during the preproduction. A local client that can synchronize and rename the files and that implements the metadata.

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